‘No Earthly Good’ A Guest Post (by Kind Permission of Danny the Dog)

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Good morning, gentle folks. It is I once again, Danny the Lovable Dog. Everyone loves me, except Andrew my human. He’s sending me off to doggie summer camp. He says I’ll have fun there with my canine brothers and sisters, but I don’t know about that. Anyway, I’m going without a fight (for a change). Andrew will have to take over my writing commitments while I’m away. I just hope he doesn’t bore you to tears. Here’s his first offering. I have to post it for him because he’s not too sharp when it comes to computers. I hope to be back next month with a fur-raising adventure to convey. Bye for now.

No Earthly Good

Charlie ll

At dinnertime we talked about Charlie. He was somethin’ else. People always said that he was of no earthly good, but Charlie showed us all.

Daddy shook his head as he cut his meat…

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