Danny Goes to the Beach

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

My friend Chris has been asking me for years to write something for his blog. I read it all the time, and it has great stuff for writers, but my writing is already perfect. My marketing is perfect. Let’s face it; everything about me is perfect. . . I’m a perfect dog. I mean just take a look at my picture. Have you ever seen a more handsome dog than me? I didn’t think so.

Rather than pontificate on how to write a short story, I thought I’d teach by example. Besides, I’m too indolent to write a whole article, even for Chris. I must save my energy for chasing cats. What fun! I just want you to know that all my stories are true. I don’t like to write fiction. I find my life is so interesting that I can keep my readers enraptured by simply writing about my…

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